J.P. Moreland Quote from “Kingdom Triangle”

It is simply not true that there is no medical evidence for miracles. But more importantly, this standard of evidence is too high to guide the belief selection of a rational person because it would justify rejecting beliefs that have enough rational support to make them intellectually obligatory to believe. The practice of law would be distorted beyond all recognition if courts followed that advice. Juries regularly make the right decision on the basis of eyewitness testimony without the presence of ‘scientific evidence’, and while they might be wrong, such testimony is an appropriate rational basis for belief. In my experience, when people are healed, folks related to the event usually don’t take the time to gather scientific evidence for the healing even though it is available. By way of application, if there is credible eyewitness testimony for an event, including a miracle, then, all things being equal, one ought to believe the event even if there is no ‘medical proof’. And there is widespread evidence credible evidence for miracles today, which is what you would expect if they were taking place in the lives of busy people who were not interested in medical documentation.”  


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