John Macarthur Quote Concerning John Piper

“JOHN MACARTHUR:  You know, I think that with somebody like John Piper, this is a complete anomaly.  That is just so off everything else about him.  I’m not talking about percentages.  You know, we ask ourselves, it’s not that he speaks in tongues, it’s not that he prophesies.  He’s never…he’s admitted that.  It’s just that there’s this anomaly in his mind that is open to that, and that’s the way he’s always stated that, that he’s open to that, he’s open to that.  He’s even made statements like I don’t know, I’m not sure. I don’t know exactly what to think about all this. 

So that’s a far cry from the propagation side of it.  And so I look at this with him and even with Wayne Grudem who has made such immense contributions in so many ways, as an anomaly. And I don’t know, nor do I need to know where the impulse of this comes from, where the influence comes from. Sometimes it comes from family. Sometimes it comes from a spouse.

 You know, we…we…we see that, we understand that. I don’t know where these influences come from.  But I do know the great body of work that John Piper has done is true to the faith.  And John is a friend, whom I not only admire but whom I love. And I don’t know why on this front he has that open idea. But it is…it is not an advocacy position for the movement and he would…he would join us in decrying the excesses of that movement for sure, and even the theology of it.”

Taken from the Strange Fire web address



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